The Legal Aid Commission produces a range of publications and fact sheets to help the community understand the law in the Northern Territory. Copies of these publications are available from the NT Legal Aid Commission and can be obtained by calling 08 8999 3000, by returning the NTLAC order form by fax to 08 8999 3099 or by emailing us at

Publications Disclaimer!
The law changes often. We can not automatically update our publications immediately following a change to the law. To find out if a publication is up to date, please check the publication date, which is on the cover or in the first few pages or call the Legal Aid Helpline on 1800 019 343.
Publications are meant as a general guide or as starting point only in finding out information about the law. They are not meant to be a substitution for legal advice. To make an appointment to obtain legal advice and information please call our Legal Aid Helpline on 1800 019 343.

What Age Can I?
A guide to the laws affecting young people in the Northern Territory

1. Cover, Achnowledgements & Contents (pages 1 - 3)
2. At School (pages 4-7)
3. Living Independently (pages 8 - 15)
4. Body Art, Alcohol, Gambling, Drugs & Driving (pages 16 - 19)
5. Relationships & Sexual Health (pages 20 - 21)
6. Health (pages 26 - 27)
7. Police & Authority (pages 28 - 32)
8. Contacts (pages 32 - 40)